Why Do I Have to Drink Water?

Richard/ March 5, 2016/ Diet & Fitness/

Do you ever find yourself reaching for another cup of coffee, coke, or can of red bull to get another boost of energy to help power you through your day? I used to drink Diet Coke when I was driving to work, again at lunch time and then another in the afternoon before I left to go back home. What

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Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure

Richard/ February 24, 2016/ Conditions & Diseases/

My mother’s high school classmate just died a few months ago from a heart attack. He was young and healthy in his early thirty’s and none of us anticipate him to be suffering from high blood pressure. Fact is, hypertension or high blood pressure has at times been referred to as a traitor illness. You would not notice that your

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The Proven Benefits of Deer Velvet Extract

Richard/ January 17, 2016/ Alternative Medicine/

Deer velvet extract might be new to some people, but this incredibly powerful alternative medicine has been used in the traditional Chinese medicine for more than two thousand years. Collected mainly from the male deer antlers, the extract is rich with various mineral, collagens and IGF-1. Unique advantages like rapid action have made this a popular choice among the people

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Key Life Issues

Richard/ September 9, 2015/ Student/

Hey students (and teachers)! Do you want to want to do something to help make a difference in the way our culture values life?  Why not start at your own school!  Starting a pro life club at your high school (university students please refer to the National Campus Life Network ( http://www.ncln.ca ) is a rewarding challenge that can raise

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